Tuesday, May 17, 2011

All about Libra Body Characteristics

Looking at Libra body characteristics, I will say; natives of Libra fall into one of two distinct and different body types. The shorter individuals have well-formed physiques...albeit rather stocky...with full, expressive lips, an open countenance and well-rounded foreheads.

They are also somewhat broad in the area of the temples. The eyes of this shorter native are usually either blue or brown, possessing a sharp and penetrative gaze.

Those who fall into the second category of Libra body characteristics are usually tall and inclined to be slender of build. They have straight and narrow foreheads with dark hair and generally grey or blue eyes. Perceptive faculties are strongly marked in the second type, which enables them to form excellent opinions.

Body characteristics of both sexes of Libra

The bodies of both sexes are customarily of medium height and average build, with a decided tendency toward curviness. There will also be a certain litheness of movement which is best described as graceful. Often, the females of this Sign lean toward a somewhat robust physique rather than the petite, while the males are frequently rather effeminate in appearance and would rarely be considered burly.

The Skin of Libra individuals

The skin of Libra individuals has a healthy glow and the fine, silky texture of the hair...typically of a lighter shade with a tendency toward curliness...is frequently something to be envied.

The Feature of Libra individuals

The features are usually nicely shaped and the teeth may be pearly. The head is usually round at the top and somewhat long, possibly tapering markedly toward the chin, although the facial bone structure itself will undoubtedly be symmetrical. The lips are customarily finely chiseled. In essence, there is a pleasant roundness to all features.

Voices of Libra individuals

The speaking voice will usually be gentle, soft and melodious...yet, in tone, it can command much attention when necessary...and many Libra natives possess rather good singing voices.


Perhaps the most typical Libra body characteristic is the "Dimple of Venus." Natives of this Sign will often have a couple on the cheeks or one on the chin. If not apparent in the face, then such dimples may be found in the knees or even the elbows. On occasion, the dimples do not appear until the Libra individual smiles and then, this trademark comes shining through.

Indeed, the smile of these natives is said to melt even the coldest of hearts or brighten the most melancholy of moods. It is a beaming smile...one that is brimming with warmth and sincerity. It projects and transforms the face into a beacon of sunshine, making all those within its range feel good from head to toe.


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