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Here are Various Libra Personality Traits

In order to give fuller interpretation to Libra personality traits, we will be looking at various “Decans” that made up Libra Zodiac Sign. The planetary influences described under decans are valuable in "shading" the traits of many Libra individuals, but are generally subordinate to the stronger characteristics associated with the primary Zodiac Sign.

In some Libra personalities, the traits of the decans may only be slightly others, they are very marked. As a general rule, the primary Sign of an individual details his or her characteristics with what can be surprising exactitude, but where such individual traits may seem at variance with the accepted patterns of the Sign, then the answer may be found in that person's decan.

A study of the decans may also reveal hidden factor's to which a person may be susceptible, even though his or her major traits are fully delineated under his or her primary sign. Here are various decans of Libra personality traits:

First Decan of Libra Personality Traits

The First Decan of Libra (September 23 to October 2) is also known as the Libra Decante and the "Week of the Perfectionist." This double Libra Decante ruled by Venus (Libra's governing Planet) strives to find a balance between diplomacy and compromise...between extreme factions and opposing parties.

Those governed by this Decan possess the kindliest of natures, albeit one that is highly oversensitive. There is a strong sense of justice here which causes natives of this Decan to go "all out" for a losing cause. The sympathy invoked by Venus tends to go to the extreme, given the influence of the Moon (secondary Planet ruling this Decan).

They adore art, music, beauty, celebration and harmony, and seem to look especially wonderful in the color blue. At heart, those ruled by this Decan are essentially true lovers of peace, prone to avoid most confrontations. They possess a soul-deep desire for harmony and companionship. A staunch and generous friend, the inherent social skills and gift for self-expression here will take these natives far in any career. To such Libra individuals, sex and love are one...indivisible.

The motto of the First Decan of Libra is "Judgment."

Second Decan of Libra Personality Traits

The Second Decan of Libra (October 3 to October 12) is also known as the Aquarius Decante and the "Week of Society." Individuals born during this period are fair-minded but unsettled in disposition. Their ability to understand other people make them natural leaders and they are often shrewd enough to turn this to their own advantage.

Something of a social creature, a native of this Decan wants to make a splash in society and has a strong desire to make friends. Still, they tend to play the edges in relationships...pushing the envelope at every opportunity. With a strong dislike of hypocrites, individuals born during this time period take immense pleasure in exposing such persons. Their acquaintances are usually eclectic and come from all walks of life.

Driven more by logic and less by love-hunger, those ruled by this Decan are basically free spirits...ones who are blessed with sex appeal and who are popular and outgoing. The inherent gift for self-expression and original thinking can result in real wealth and there is a natural link to future technology, coupled with marvellous ideas and the ability to sell them. In addition, natives born during this time period would probably make for passionate defense attorneys.

The motto of the Second Decan of Libra is "Poise."

Third Decan of Libra Personality Traits

The Third Decan of Libra is also known as the Gemini Decante and the "Week of Theater." There is an inherent tendency here for love of luxury and the social life, coupled with a good nature and generosity in continuous expressions of friendship. Wide interests and the ability to make friends quickly often leave doubt as to the sincerity of individuals born during this period. They have a marked fondness for persons of the opposite sex and if they lose old friends, have little trouble in making new ones.

Probably more independent than any other Decan of Libra, individuals born during this time period also have a strong sense of justice. The influence of Mercury makes for a skillful communicator, but one who is prone to nervous tension. Recreation that exercises the body and frees the mind will be most helpful to persons who fall within the parameters of this Third Decan.

These are individuals who are versatile, lively, witty and funny...eternally youthful with a touch of the "wild child" in their personalities. They also enjoy a good debate and thrive in the world of communications. Education is very important here. Indeed, these natives would much rather discuss ideas with someone who presents a challenge to the mind. An avid reader, those born during this time period may exhibit an interest in politics and history, and would make extremely proficient prosecutors.

The motto of the Third Decan of Libra is "Independence."


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