Saturday, June 18, 2011

Positive and Negative aspect of Virgo Man Libra Woman Relationship

Looking at Virgo man Libra woman relationships, I will say; Libra woman probably epitomizes everything that Virgo man secretly admire...charming, romantic, dashing, popular and devil-may-care. Additionally, Libra woman is capable of evening things out when the Virgo partner fails to get his own way.

The truth is; when a woman governed by Libra turns on the charm, Virgo man becomes swept away in a romantic haze without ever being aware that the she has done this dozens of times to different love interests...often employing precisely the same words and actions.

Still, Virgo man will eventually come to realize that the majority of the appeal that oozes from Libra woman's every pore is very superficial and this will herald the beginning of the troubles. In order for this relationship to survive, the Virgo partner must learn to accept Libra's infidelities and somehow live with them.

Here are positive and negative aspects of Virgo man Libra woman union:

Positive Aspects of Virgo Man Libra Woman Relationships

  • Virgo man will appreciate Libra woman's charm and diplomacy. Also, Libra woman appreciates the Virgo man love of order and the tangible results that follow.
  • These two Signs appreciate superficial pleasures and may enjoy collecting such items as fine china, artwork or photographs.
  • They also share a love of the theater and all forms of art. Practicality and pleasure are important to natives of both Virgo and Libra...and they can complement one another in many ways.
  • Virgo man approach to physical intimacy is basically straight forward and the Libra woman's methods in the romantic arena could very well drive him or her crazy.
Negative Aspects of Virgo Man Libra Woman Relationships

  • Should critical Virgo man analyze Libra woman's inner personality too deeply, Libra woman is sure to become outraged, which will result in her beating a hasty retreat from the partnership.
  • The Libra partner is apt to perceive his or her Virgo mate's insistence on faithfulness as being essentially petty and narrow-minded.
  • Virgo men, who can find no logic in disruptive behavior, crave a quiet and calm home life. This will only be found with a more domestic type than Libra woman. Libra woman will want to stay involved in fights and arguments, but this is not something that peace-loving Virgo man is able to endure for very long.
In essence, Virgo man Libra woman relationship is a union that tends to bring unhappiness to both parties and success in terms of longevity is usually on shaky ground. However, one favorable aspect of this pairing is that both are willing...and see the differing sides of any argument. In short, both tend to make decisions only after examining the facts.


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